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A big thank you to Saïd from technical support. Our site was down, and he responded with impressive speed to our issue. We were facing a very high number of connections at the time of the outage, highlighting the importance of his swift intervention. Many thanks... Fortunately, there are people like him to make the world a more pleasant place :)

- Corinne Oyau

Thanks to the entire Likuid team. Quick response, appropriate solution, language used is simple (not too technical), allowing me to understand the proposed solutions.
Keep up the good work.

- Bruno Cravic

What can I say about the EXTRAORDINARY service and work provided by Likuid. An efficient team that responds quickly! I couldn't have found a better solution to manage my company's websites.

- Vision Holistique Annie Charbonneau

Wow, really impressed by Maxim's help in solving a messaging issue. He took the time to resolve everything with exceptional patience and professionalism. I was hesitant to call at first, but now I know I can rely on Maxim. Thank you very much.

- Pierre Lachance

Don't hesitate to contact the excellent service at Likuid. I solved the Outlook 365 configuration on macOS. Without them, it would have been impossible. Thanks to all the technicians. 10/10.

- PV Dev (pvdev)

I've been working with them for over 15 years now. Never had a problem; the service is always responsive.

- Ph. Mont Saint Michel

Excellent customer service. Their support team is very efficient at all times.

- Constantin Fortier

Impeccable and very professional service; I now recommend them because it's always easy to do business with them.

- Hélène Beauregard

I've been with the Likuid team since 2006 and still with them for years to come. Thank you all for your excellent service.

- Vincent Desrosiers

With them for almost three years now. The transfer from my old host went smoothly. Also, very good support.

- Eric Alvarez

Excellent customer service!! The team is very attentive and always available. They literally have an answer to everything!

- Jean-François Brière

I've been with them for over 10 years, and the support is always top-notch.

- Paulo Do

For over 15 years now, I've had various hosting providers with several companies. Since I've been with Likuid, I'm very satisfied. When there are problems, they are very quick to find a solution, and Patrice is always there to answer my questions. I plan to transfer all my sites to them because with them, my sites work, and my clients are happy!

- M-A Ménard

I've been doing business with Likuid for several years now. I host a mini server for my different websites with them. I've never been disappointed with the customer service, and I recommend to anyone looking for reliable hosting and cutting-edge technology to contact 'Likuid Web Hosting'.

- Paul Campion

Certainly, the service at Likuid is exceptional! I had an issue with sending emails, and the technicians worked tirelessly to help me. And always with great speed. The problem is now solved.
I will continue to advertise for Likuid, that's for sure!

- François Abraham