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Maintenance Plans

Explore our WordPress maintenance plans, crafted with Canadian businesses in mind. Our services ensure your website remains secure, operates at peak performance, and benefits from the expertise of seasoned technical support. Choose Likuid for a maintenance solution that guarantees your site stays ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape of Canada. Reach out to us to enhance your web presence, drive conversions, and secure your online assets.


Regular Updates: Keeping Canadian Sites Secure and Efficient

WordPress Core Updates

Guarantee your site benefits from the latest WordPress features and security enhancements.

Plugin Updates

Maintain plugin integrity to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure top performance.

Theme Updates

Ensure seamless compatibility and functionality with the latest WordPress updates.

Regular Backups: Comprehensive Protection for Your Digital Assets

Full Site Backups

Complete peace of mind with thorough backups, including your database.

Automated Backup Scheduling

Effortlessly secure your data with automatic backup routines.

Enhanced Security: Fortify Your Site Against Digital Threats

Security Plugin Implementation

Defend your online presence with cutting-edge security tools and configurations.

Proactive Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Prevent unauthorized access with 24/7 monitoring and immediate response strategies.

Brute-Force Attack Mitigation

Protect your site from unauthorized access with robust security measures.

Performance Optimization: Elevate Your Site's Speed and Responsiveness

Website Speed Enhancements

Deploy advanced optimization techniques for a swift, seamless browsing experience.

Database Optimization

Maintain a lean, efficient website with regular database clean-ups.

Smart Cache Solutions

Boost load times and overall user satisfaction with strategic cache management.

Continuous Site Monitoring: Ensure Your Site's Health Around the Clock

24/7 Site Monitoring

Quickly identify and rectify site downtimes or performance issues.

Instant Alerts and Resolution

Stay informed of any issues with immediate notifications and solutions.

Expert Technical Support: Get Professional WordPress Help

Dedicated Support for Technical Queries

Access specialized assistance for any WordPress-related inquiries or issues.

Strategic Advice and Support

Leverage expert advice to optimize your website's performance and user experience.

Insightful Reports and Analytics: Understand Your Site's Performance

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

Gain insights from detailed monthly analyses of site updates and performance metrics.

Targeted Data Analysis

Identify areas for improvement with thorough data evaluation and analysis.

Custom Solutions: Tailored Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

Personalized Service Offerings

Custom feature integration, design modifications, and content updates designed for your specific requirements.

Adaptable Service Requests

Flexibility to adapt service requests to include additional updates or customizations as needed.