Your WordPress site is hacked?

Is your WordPress site infected? Don't panic. We can solve the problem and ensure the recovery and security of your compromised WordPress site. Let's take back control of your site.

Cleaning after WordPress hacking

Our WordPress security team is ready to intervene to clean and secure your site after a hacking. Discover the steps of our intervention.

Comprehensive analysis

Our approach begins with a comprehensive analysis of your hosting account to identify the source of the problem.


We perform a complete backup of your website before starting the cleaning operations.


We eliminate any infected or superfluous files, followed by a thorough analysis of the database.


We update your WordPress installation and extensions to ensure the security and stability of your site.

Security reinforcement

Administrator passwords are changed. In addition, the installation and configuration of a security extension are carried out to reduce the risk of recurrence, adopting a preventive approach.


Once the operations are completed, we will implement a maintenance plan adapted to your website. Thus, we can act preventively by ensuring regular updates, backups and security scans. You can sleep soundly while we take care of your infrastructure!

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WordPress security plans

We understand the importance of security for your WordPress site. Discover our dedicated solutions to protect and restore your site in case of an attack.

Cleaning after hacking


Maintenance and security

$350/ year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

What are the signs of a hacked WordPress site?

Common signs of a hacked WordPress site include a sudden drop in performance, the presence of unauthorized content, unwanted redirects, and unusual error messages.

How can I protect my WordPress site from future hacks?

To protect your WordPress site, make sure to always use strong passwords, regularly update WordPress and its plugins, install reliable security extensions, and regularly back up your site.

How long does it take to clean a WordPress site?

The duration to clean a WordPress site depends on various factors, including the severity of the infection, the size of the site, and the speed of intervention. It can take a few hours to several days.

Can I clean my WordPress site myself?

If you have technical skills and a good understanding of WordPress security, you may be able to clean your site yourself. However, it is recommended to seek professional help to ensure complete and correct cleaning.