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We are dedicated to adopting eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact while delivering top-notch performance.

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Why Choose Eco-Friendly Hosting?

At, we believe in sustainability. Our data centers use renewable energy, and we implement energy-efficient technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.

Understanding the Problem: How Do Websites Pollute?

Websites are powered by powerful computers (servers) that are always online inside secure buildings (data centers). Servers require significant amounts of electricity and constant cooling to function properly. In most countries, this electricity is primarily produced by burning coal or other fossil fuels. This burning creates significant CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. Once released into the atmosphere in sufficient quantities, they contribute to the acceleration of global climate change. In 2012, there were 500,000 data centers worldwide. By 2019, there were over 8 million. This rapid growth has led experts to predict that data centers will account for 10% of global electricity consumption by 2030 and generate more emissions than the entire aviation sector.

The Solution: Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

Powered by Renewable Energy

Our data centers are powered by hydroelectricity, a clean and sustainable energy source.

Energy-Efficient SSD Storage

Your data is stored on solid-state drives, which use a fraction of the power required by traditional hard drives.

Eco-Friendly Cooling

Our servers are primarily cooled using outdoor air and water cooling technology, rather than energy-intensive air conditioning.

Paperless Operations

We help save trees by conducting all our communications and billing electronically. No paper, less waste!

Certified Eco-Friendly

Our efforts are verified and certified eco-friendly by the Green Business Bureau.

Eco-Responsibility Commitment

Show your visitors that your company cares about the environment by adopting green and sustainable practices.

Our Eco-Friendly Features

  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • High Performance Servers
  • Carbon Offset Initiatives
  • Sustainable Data Centers

How We Help the Environment

By choosing our eco-friendly hosting, you are supporting initiatives that promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. Together, we can make a difference.

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A big thank you to Said from the technical support. Our site was down and he was able to respond to our problem with impressive speed. We were facing a very high number of connections at the time of the crash, which highlights the importance of his quick intervention. A thousand thanks... Fortunately, people like him are there to make the world a better place :)

- corinneoyau l

For over 15 years now I have had various hosting with several companies. Since I have been with LIKUID.COMI am very satisfied. When there are problems they are very quick to find a solution and Patrice is always there to answer my questions. I plan to transfer all my sites to them because with them, my sites work and my clients are happy!

- M-A Menard

Decidedly, the service at LIKUID.COMis exceptional! I had a problem sending emails and the technicians worked tirelessly to help me. And always with great speed. The problem is now resolved.
I will continue to advertise for LIKUID.COM, that's for sure!

- François Abraham
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